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Universal Registration Document 2021

URD Coface 2021

Coface veröffentlicht ihr "Universal Registration Document 2021" und hält an ihren Zielen fest, die im Strategieplan "Build to Lead" festgehalten sind.

75 Jahre Erfahrung und die beste territoriale Abdeckung haben Coface zu einer Referenz in der Kreditversicherung und im Risikomanagement gemacht.
Die Experten von Coface, mit dem Ziel, der agilste Kreditversicherungspartner der Branche zu werden, sind im Herzen der globalen Wirtschaft tätig und begleiten ~50.000 Kunden in 200 Ländern bei der Entwicklung erfolgreicher, dynamischer und wachsender Unternehmen.

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Xavier Durand

"In 2021, for the second year running, we operated in a complex and uncertain environment. The COVID 19 health crisis persisted in most countries around the world, along with successive lockdowns and the widespread shift to remote working. Government support measures were extended in many countries, including France, and this partially mitigated the impact of the crisis while also allowing for an economic rebound in some countries and sectors. As such, the number of corporate  insolvencies remained very low throughout the year, leading to a record low loss experience.

In this atypical economic and health situation, and with intense competition in our markets, we have supported our clients through the gradual and mixed  economic recovery. As a result, we achieved a very good operational and commercial performance. Our results reflect our careful risk management, combined with an active commercial underwriting policy and the rebound in our clients’ activity that we  have observed since the start of the year."



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