Trade credit insurance: protects you against default payments

Minimize the risk of payment defaults at home and abroad.

Credit insurance solutions tailored to your business needs

Regardless of size or industry, every company involved in domestic or export business should protect its B2B transactions against the risk of non-payment. Our flexible credit insurance solutions for companies can be tailored to your specific needs.

What are the benefits of credit insurance?

Credit insurance offers four decisive advantages for your business.

  • Protect liquidity

    One in four companies has to file for bankruptcy due to payment defaults. If you insure your company against unpaid invoices, you also safeguard your liquidity - and can concentrate on the further development of your company without any worries. Especially in economically uncertain times, credit insurance is an effective means of protection against insolvency.

  • Covering export risks

    What applies to most countries is all the more true for high-priced Switzerland with its strong franc: the export business is associated with an extremely high level of risk and uncertainty - not only due to the currency risk, but also because of logistical aspects or a politically tense situation in the destination country. Payment defaults. When assessing risks worldwide, we draw on our many years of expertise. We help you to identify reliable customers and partners - which significantly reduces the risks. Should payment defaults nevertheless occur, we will take over the debt collection process locally with our global network in order to provide you with the best possible support.

  • Facilitate financing

    Whether mandatory or voluntary: by taking out credit insurance, you secure your liquidity. And this means that it is easier for you to obtain outside capital from the bank.

  • Optimize accounts receivable management

    Credit insurance not only offers protection, it also makes receivables management easier for you: you can identify reliable customers and set realistic credit lines. In addition, you generally improve your collection rate if you place receivables management in the hands of a competent partner.

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How does Coface credit insurance work?

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With Coface's credit insurance protection, you can grant (longer) payment terms to your Swiss and international customers without worry.

Credit insurance protects you against late payment or - in the worst case - non-payment by your customers.

Coface covers the credit risk that arises when you make advances, and indemnifies you in the event of loss.

How does Coface credit insurance work?


You can tailor your insurance coverage to specific risks, whether political uncertainties, manufacturing risks or litigation.

We also check and monitor the creditworthiness of your customers, enabling you to make informed decisions about your business relationships.


Credit insurance: from prevention to compensation

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Coface's credit insurance encompasses three main services, all of which contribute to the same goal: to eliminate debtor risks as far as possible.

Checking the creditworthiness of your customers

We continuously analyze the general situation of your customers (country, sector, etc.) as well as their financial situation (financial ratios, creditworthiness). This enables us to draw your attention to solvent companies and exclude customers with poor payment behavior or a high risk of non-payment. 
Your benefit: fewer outstanding receivables and more reliable business partners.

Credit insurance: from prevention to compensation


Debt collection from customers

Our experts in Switzerland and abroad will take over the debt collection of defaulting customers for you. This helps you avoid unpleasant situations and keeps your relationship with your business partners as unencumbered as possible. 

Compensation in the event of a claim

Should a payment default occur despite all security precautions, Coface will indemnify the insured claims - regardless of how the debt collection of the defaulting customer proceeds.

With our technical solutions, you have everything in view

Management tools

You can easily manage your credit insurance policy via the secure online platform CofaNet Essentials.

Whether you want to monitor your customer portfolio, manage your cover requests, report claims or view compensation payments.

With the CofaMove mobile app, you also have easy access when you're on the move..

API solutions

We offer customized API solutions that allow you to easily integrate your Coface credit insurance contract into your own tools.

Whether you opt for a simple technical solution or a comprehensive integration, you can integrate Coface information directly and always have an overview of risks and services.


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What does failure really cost you?



The extra turnover needed to make up for loss

The simulation above shows the additional turnover that your company must achieve to compensate for the loss due to a non-payment.

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How much does credit insurance cost?

The credit insurance premium for our credit insurance is on average between 0.1 and 1 % of the company's turnover. With an annual turnover of CHF 10 million, this corresponds to CHF 10,000-100,000 per year.

The exact amount depends on the volume of insurable business, the profile of your company - in particular the sector and previous claims - as well as your individual requirements, i.e. type of cover, special options, additional benefits, etc.

Over 75 years of expertise in risk management


200countries covered

685billion € exposure

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Mark Harsent, UK Risk Manager, Denmaur Independent Papers Ltd

Having used credit insurance for many years, I’d recommend Coface because their response times on limits are exceptionally good compared with other providers, their underwriters know what they are doing and they are always happy to discuss any issues.


Our regular interactions with the teams at Coface help us analyse, evaluate and prevent our risks.


The results are clear-cut: since 2008, Diagast has not had any unpaid invoices on the events covered.

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