Protection against political & credit risks

Protecting projects from political and payment default risks.

Tailor-made credit insurance and political risk cover

Coface's "Single Risk" department supports you in securing your most complex transactions with long-term maturities that do not fall within the scope of standard credit insurance. The cover is binding for the entire duration of the transaction.

  • Insurance for one-off and complexcontracts or projects with customized cover: Single Risk.
  • Insurance for ongoing transactions with fixed framework conditions for efficient management : Single Frame.

What are the advantages of project insurance for political risks and payment defaults?

Our "Single Risk" and "Single Frame" insurance policies offer comprehensive protection against a diverse array of risks. These encompass everything from customer or borrower defaults to contract breaches and extend to political events that may disrupt your business operations. The non-cancelable credit limit ensures that your contracts and transactions remain safeguarded, providing ongoing security even if your requirements evolve.

  • Adaptability

    You keep the control over which buyers are assessed and the types of risks covered (political, commercial, or both).

  • Freedom

    You have the freedom to choose which transactions you wish to protect (there is no requirement to entrust us with receivables).

  • Customized

    Every inquiry is examined on a case-by-case basis, and a personalized price is provided.

  • Medium / long-term

    With "Single Risk" insurance, you can secure contracts with private buyers for up to 8 years, and contracts with public buyers for up to 10 years. The "Single Frame" insurance option enables coverage for your contracts for up to 5 years, whether they involve private or public entities.

  • Binding

    The coverage provided by our "Single Risk" and "Single Frame" policies remains in effect for the entire duration of your transaction.

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What risks are covered?

Contracts and financing involving a private buyer

For contracts and financing with a private buyer, we offer insurance coverage for the following risks:

- Payment default and insolvency

- Unauthorized use of guarantees

- Interruption of contract

- Non-exchangeability and non-transferability


Contracts and financing with a public buyer

For contracts and financing with a public buyer, we provide insurance coverage for the following risks:

- Payment default

- Unilateral termination of contract

- Unauthorized use of guarantees

- Non-exchangeability and non-transferability

Investments, assets, subsidiaries and equity interests abroad

For investments and assets or subsidiaries and participations abroad, we offer insurance cover for the following risks:

- Embargoes

- Armed conflicts, riots, strikes, wars and terrorism

- Confiscations, expropriations and nationalizations

- Changes in the legislation

How does project insurance for political and commercial risks work?

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Regardless of your project insurance prerequisites, a skilled team will address your query. They initiate by evaluating your context and then collaborate with you to create the optimal resolution, streamlining your transactions in Switzerland and around the world.

Each inquiry is evaluated on an individual basis, and tailored pricing is provided.

You have the flexibility to determine which trade transactions you wish to protect (there is no mandate to assign us with receivables).

How does project insurance for political and commercial risks work?


You retain control over which buyers are analyzed and what types of risks are covered (political, commercial, or both).

You enjoy personalized coverage benefits, whether it's for your one-time contracts, intricate transactions, investments, or the financing you extend.

Our flexible coverages ensure that the protection is always precisely suited to your profile and any changes in your business activities.

When should I cover political and commercial risks?

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Opting for project insurance against political risks and payment defaults is a prudent choice when you pinpoint specific risks within your business landscape and seek safeguarding against adverse outcomes. Potential risks encompass alterations in legal conditions, unpaid obligations, contractual breaches, expropriation, and nationalization, along with armed conflicts, labor strikes, terrorism, embargoes, and various other factors.

When should I cover political and commercial risks?


Coface's Single Risk division provides comprehensive coverage for such scenarios, extending beyond the boundaries of typical credit insurance. This specialized coverage caters to intricate customer demands and spans extended timeframes.

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Expanding into emerging markets necessitates addressing distinct risks. Coface possesses the expertise to tailor risk insurance to our requirements and aids us in mitigating our transactions' risks.


Failure to receive payments from customers is a significant risk. Coface's credit insurance protects our sales.


The results obtained are clear: since 2008, Diagast has had no unpaid bills on covered events.

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