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Accelerate the payment of your outstanding receivables.

Benefits of choosing our Debt Collection solutions in Switzerland and abroad

Delayed or missing payments can greatly disrupt your cash flow and impact your business as a whole. This challenge is especially pronounced when defaulting debtors are located internationally, as recovering outstanding receivables from them can be complex for companies. This is where a strong partner offering global debt collection services becomes exceptionally valuable.

  • Outstanding debts are collected globally

    While pursuing debtors within Switzerland might remain relatively uncomplicated, the scenario changes when defaulting clients are situated internationally. Operating through direct presence in over 100 countries and extending our reach to another 95 countries through an expansive network, we ensure the swift and skilled retrieval of your overdue debts, no matter where your customers are located. This significantly enhances the probability of eventual payment, while simultaneously minimizing delays and liquidity constraints.

  • You are charged only for receivables that are successfully recovered

    With Coface's debt collection service, cost savings are ensured, as you are billed solely for the agreed-upon commission on the amounts we effectively recover for you.

  • Your customer relationships remain unaffected

    By entrusting your receivables management to the expertise of Coface, we ensure that your business relationships remain minimally affected. You can continue focusing on the positive aspects of your business, while we handle the less enjoyable tasks related to outstanding receivables and debt collection behind the scenes.

  • Experience quicker payments and time savings

    Benefit from Coface's extensive experience and Credit Insurance expertise, making us the perfect partner for receivables management. Our wide-ranging network of international representatives and partners further solidifies our position as the top choice for efficient global debt recovery. We handle your receivables management both domestically and internationally. This not only saves you time but also reduces stress, allowing you to focus entirely on your core business.

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What does failure really cost you?



The extra turnover needed to make up for loss

The simulation above shows the additional turnover that your company must achieve to compensate for the loss due to a non-payment.

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International debt collection with Coface

Coface handles the retrieval of unpaid invoices across more than 190 countries on your behalf. Our Swiss specialists function as a connection point between you and the Coface experts and partners who handle your receivables management directly. This arrangement brings you dual advantages: local contacts within Switzerland and the extensive knowledge of experts in aspects such as culture, language, legal framework, market conditions, and customary business practices in each individual country.

What makes proper management of outstanding receivables so essential?

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Delayed or complete non-payment of your invoices can lead to extensive liquidity issues. There's a valid reason why unpaid receivables contribute to a quarter of all business insolvencies!

A single substantial debtor can severely curtail your business activities or even endanger the sustainability of your company.

What makes proper management of outstanding receivables so essential?


This is precisely why safeguarding yourself against the risk of payment defaults through credit insurance and having a reliable partner such as Coface for recovering unpaid receivables domestically and internationally is so crucial.

How does the collection work with Coface?

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Coface employs specialized tools and data to assess the financial status of your debtors. This provides you with trustworthy insights into the payment capability of your defaulting clients. This is especially valuable when your attempts to contact them yield no response or if you have suspicions regarding the accuracy of their financial disclosures.

How to get paid before it's too late!

How does the collection work with Coface?


When a customer declines to make payment, the subsequent stage involves our management of the collection process: We undertake the retrieval of the overdue debt on your behalf. Our service covers both domestic and international debt collection, regardless of the debtor's location.

This ensures swift recovery of your funds. What's more, you are only charged the pre-agreed commission on the amounts that we successfully recover for you. This serves as an additional motivation for us to consistently deliver high-quality results.

Rely on Coface for your collections both local and global

Patricia J. , Global Sales Director in Pharmaceutical industry

How do I demand that my key client settles their invoices without putting too much strain on our business relationship that keeps my company afloat? Coface knows how to do just that, leaving me free to discuss new projects with the client.

Johan H., small business owner in Retail sector

My client in Vietnam still hadn’t settled his invoice after 8 months even though they’d received the goods without a problem. But - thanks to Coface - I was indemnified in 2 weeks.

Hassan B., CFO in textile sector

A number of clients weren’t honouring big invoices that were pending payment. It was taking up too much time and too much tracking with very little return. Thanks to Coface, I’ve now got more peace of mind, it’s more efficient and I’ve got better liquidity.

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