Credit insurance for multinationals

GlobaLiner: Secure Global Coverage with International Credit Insurance

What does Coface's GlobaLiner credit insurance offer?

In collaboration with our experts at Coface Global Solutions, we provide you with tailor-made risk management solutions, adapted to your global structure. Are you looking to protect your balance sheet? Do you want to improve the reliability and consistency of your credit risk management system? Or simply improve your performance? With credit insurance for multinationals, your company gains access to a comprehensive range of services with local flexibility. Our offer is customized to meet your specific needs worldwide, including those of your subsidiaries.

  • Prevention

    At Coface, we monitor your customers' financial situation in real-time, providing you with strategic information. This empowers you to negotiate suitable credit terms, choose the right business partners, and proactively manage the risk of unpaid invoices in your receivables.

  • Debt Collection

    Thanks to our global network of experts, you can rest assured that your receivables will be collected quickly and efficiently. Save time so you can concentrate on growing your business, while retaining the trust of your valued customers.

  • Indemnification

    In the event of non-recovery of covered receivables, we reimburse up to 90% of the loss. This helps you preserve your liquidity and protect your margin.

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Why choose GlobaLiner?

Coface Global Solutions offers a comprehensive range of policies and services to meet your specific requirements and provide the optimal solution for all your needs.

Your advantages:

  • A global framework with localized flexibility
  • Safeguards your trade receivables against late payment and insolvency
  • Access to information on 200 million companies across 195 countries
  • An international collection service
  • Protects your company's margins and enhances liquidity
  • Boosts your creditworthiness with banks
  • Optimizes credit management within your organization

Coface Global Solutions: a team of experts specialising in global credit insurance

At Coface Global Solutions, our team of underwriters, account managers, and sales experts collaborates to deliver exceptional service to major international clients worldwide.

With 220 dedicated employees, we provide tailored risk management solutions to support the business development of global companies.

We help you structure the contracts and services required by your subsidiaries. Our approach is both centralized and multi-country.

From conceptualization to implementation in all countries, we ensure seamless execution of the best solutions for you and your subsidiaries.

A clear and transparent contractual framework to optimize credit risk management

With GlobaLiner, you and your subsidiaries can negotiate the terms and conditions of your international insurance program centrally, while benefiting from local implementation to serve your teams worldwide.

  • Transparency and harmonization

    Thanks to the transparency of our commercial conditions and the clarity of our contracts, your insurance program can be deployed effectively to your local users.

  • User-friendly

    Thanks to Coface's pre-referencing of a set of clauses, we can easily set up and develop a program perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • Governance

    Your GlobaLiner program is fully compliant with the laws and regulations in force for your subsidiaries, while allowing you to retain full control over any necessary local adaptations.

Manage your insurance solution easily and conveniently

Coface Dashboard

Coface Dashboard is our business intelligence tool that provides you with interactive reports to facilitate to facilitate the following: 

- Reporting and performance tracking 

- Creation of analyses from macro trends to individual changes 

- Identification of consolidated trading risks for buyer groups 

- Managing your program, in particular by supporting your decisions, customizing the tool's features and risk transfer parameters

- Credit risk management within your group

Coface API portal

The Coface APIs provide a direct connection between your IT system and Coface. This allows you to manage your trade credit insurance policy with your own tools and simplify your credit management.

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Coface is your trusted partner for your credit insurance needs

  • Experienced local teams
  • A reliable group, rated A1 by Moody's, AA- by Fitch, A (excellent) by AM Best
  • A tried and tested risk management model
  • Market intelligence on companies worldwide
  • A global program tailored to your local needs

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What do our customers say about us


Our regular interactions with the teams at Coface help us analyse, evaluate and prevent our risks.


Customer default is a major risk. Coface credit insurance protects our turnover.


The results are clear-cut: since 2008, Diagast has not had any unpaid invoices on the events covered.

How can you safeguard your international expansion?

Craft a strategy tailored to fulfill the requirements of your corporate group and its affiliated entities: 

We have developed a range of policies and services to cover the credit insurance needs of global companies. These are designed to provide you with the optimal solution for all your needs.
We support you in developing and structuring the policies and services your subsidiaries require. In addition to developing the best solutions, we take care of implementation from start to finish in all countries.

Study the target markets:

With the expertise of our teams, you can anticipate credit risks more effectively.
Before investing in new countries or sectors, our risk managers will provide you with advice and information on the business risks associated with the target markets.
Coface provides regular credit risk studies for each country and industry. In addition, customized studies are carried out according to your specific requirements.

Evaluate the strength of your portfolio of current and potential customers (receivables):

International expansion requires significant investment and exposes companies to new business risks. Coface offers export-oriented companies additional security when embarking on this journey: We offer export credit insurance against unpaid invoices, late payments and payment defaults by foreign customers.
In addition, our business risk managers analyze your customer portfolio. This enables you to better identify the credit risk of your current and potential customers and incorporate this knowledge into your strategic business decisions.

Optimize your working capital:

Expanding your export business may seem long and complicated, but one thing is certain: we are always on hand to support multinational companies as they develop internationally and help them avoid the pitfalls.

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