Trade credit insurance for SMEs

TradeLiner: Protect your company against payment defaults.

Flexible credit insurance for SMEs that scales with your business

TradeLiner, a credit insurance policy tailored for SMEs, offers simplicity and flexibility. Each TradeLiner contract is 100% customized to meet your specific requirements. With this personalized approach, you gain access to a range of services, including real-time monitoring of your customers' creditworthiness, collection services both domestically and internationally, and compensation in the event of non-payment. If you seek to secure your B2B invoices both at home and abroad, TradeLiner is the ideal choice for you!

  • Prevention

    Accurate information makes a significant impact Coface's real-time monitoring allows you to stay updated on your customers' financial status, receiving timely notifications of any changes. Armed with this data, you can confidently choose your partners, negotiate credit terms, and minimize the risk of payment defaults.

  • Debt Collection

    Rely on expert assistance for your debt collection needs Trust our expertise. We handle your receivables, allowing you to focus on business expansion. With our global network of experts, we ensure prompt and effective debt collection, enabling you to maintain positive customer relationships.

  • Indemnification

    Protection of your liquidity If you are unable to collect your insured receivables, we will compensate you up to 90% of the incurred loss, securing your liquidity and safeguarding your market position.

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What makes TradeLiner the right choice for your SME?

  • Effective protection

    TradeLiner safeguards your B2B sales, whether in Switzerland or abroad, against the risks of insolvency and non-payment. With over 75 years of experience, Coface is a prominent player in the insurance market. Take advantage of our expertise in credit risk prevention and management.

  • Easy-to-understand pricing and policies

    Collaborate with our experts to create the perfect credit insurance contract tailored to meet your needs. Simplify your accounts receivable management with personalized contract options. Benefit from premium rates individually tailored to cover all risks. On average, the premiums range between 0.1% and 1% of the company turnover.

  • Effortless management with a dedicated customer service

    Use the online platform for insurance policy management. Through the customer portal, you can access our latest business news, user guides, and essential policy administration information. Feel free to contact your dedicated account manager or our Customer Relations Department experts at any time. Feel free to contact your dedicated account manager at any time. She/He/They will assist you in managing your policy while addressing other pending matters in your daily business operations.

A customized credit insurance solution for SMEs

Our experts will assist you in selecting the policy that aligns with your business requirements, providing tailored solutions for every industry

Innovative solutions for better risk management

Credit management platform

Easily and securely manage your policy through our online platform, CofaNet Essentials. With it, you can:

- Access information about your trading partners

- Manage your customer portfolio

- Process coverage requests 

- Report unpaid receivables

- Monitor your outstanding receivables


No worries if you're not in the office! CofaNet Essentials is accessible anytime, anywhere through the CofaMove mobile app, making it ideal for your sales force!

Coface API portal

Would you like to manage your Coface insurance policy using your own IT tools? With our APIs, we can seamlessly integrate our solution with your existing systems, allowing you to handle your loans more efficiently.

> Visit Coface API Portal

Trade Credit Insurance

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