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  • Credit Risk Assessment

    The DRA (Debtor Risk Assessment) score provides a comprehensive assessment of a company's credit risk, presented on a scale of 0 to 10.

  • Probability of default

    Our score provides you with information on the probability of default over a 12-month period.

  • Credit history

    Coface provides you with a company's historic credit risk score of up to five years.

What criteria are used to determine the DRA score?

  • Financial strength
  • Profitability
  • Payment incidents
  • Environmental factors (sector, country, political risks)
  • Management
  • Enriched data with company visits and interviews, risk analyst's opinion.


DRA score: Credit rating

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Coface API portal

The Coface APIs create a direct link between your IT system and Coface. This allows you to enrich your data with our information. This reduces the need for multiple tools and increases your company's productivity.


Explore Coface API catalogue: integrated solutions for Trade Credit Insurance and business information.

iCON by Coface

Welcome to the future of informed decision-making! Explore the power of iCON by Coface. 


The iCON by Coface platform consolidates Coface's vast expertise into a single, accessible hub. Our knowledge and data equip you to make informed choices that propel your company's expansion..

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What factors lead companies to choose Coface'DRA Score as their risk analysis solution?

Santiago, Risk Management / Internal control in commercial banking

The advantage of Coface's Score is that it comes from an organization that, like us, links default probabilities to its balance sheet. It is therefore directly usable.

Celia, Purchasing Manager

We are used to analyzing the balance sheets of our suppliers, but for us it is reassuring to complement our analysis with the DRA so we are sure that we have not missed anything of the important analysis elements.

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