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What is a Coface Credit opinion?

The Credit Opinion gives you a range of the amount recommended by Coface for your credit decisions. The index is expressed on maximum pivot amounts in your local currency and can be tracked over time with Monitoring services.

Credit Opinion by Coface

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What is Coface’s advanced Credit Opinion ?

The Advanced Credit Opinion provides a recommendation based on the amount you have applied for, according to your actual or anticipated risk level. The credit opinion may cover the full amount requested or recommend a reduction in risk. The credit opinion is accompanied by a commentary detailing the reasons for our credit recommendation.

What advantages does Coface Credit Opnion offer in terms of risk management according to our clients?

Renato, Senior Lean Manager

For two years now, our sales staff have been using the credit opinion between the last acquisition call and the first meeting. This allows our employees to better manage their efforts, which has increased the efficiency of our sales.

Günther, Export Manager South Asia, Australia & New Zealand

I have realised that our word carries more weight when it comes to obtaining payment conditions from the financial department since our information comes from Coface. There is a measure of trust that wasn't there before.

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iCON by Coface is the platform that leverages Coface's extensive expertise so you access our insights in one place to help you drive growth while making the best decisions for your business.

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