China Payment Survey 2019: Longer delays as growth falters


2018 proved to be a relatively challenging year for China. Growth slowed to 6.6% and is expected to decline further in 2019 (6.2%, according to Coface forecasts). As a result, 59% of the 1500 Chinese companies that participated in Coface’s survey believe the economy will not improve in 2019, the worst since 2003 (...)

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Turkey’s economic slowdown continues, but exports offer some support


Turkey is experiencing a severe economic slowdown, coupled with a jump in inflation, as a result of the sharp depreciation of the lira during 2018.

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Poland Payment Survey 2019: Robust economic growth has not eliminated payment delays


The third edition of Coface’s survey on payment experiences in Poland was carried out in December 2018 with 293 companies participating in the study.

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FY-2018 results: net income up 47% at €122.3M and pay-out of 100% of net income


Our good 2018 results show the relevance of our Fit to Win strategic plan in a now more volatile economic environment. Our net income of €122 million is up 47% and corresponds to a return on equity close to our average through the cycle objective excluding further capital optimisation actions

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Country and sector risks barometer - January 2019: Two pitfalls for businesses - The economic downturn and political risks


Coface will be sharing its vision of the major trends in the world economy in 2019 with businesses at its annual conference on country and sectoral risks.

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Corporate insolvencies in France: The rebound that began in May 2018 is expected to continue in 2019


Since May 2018, the number of insolvencies in France has started to rise again. This trend is expected to continue in 2019 (forecast of 1%) (...)

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