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    What is political risk and how is it impacting commercial credit?

    With the reshaping of the world order, the rise of (geo)political risk and the climate emergency, political risk is back in the spotlight, with its inevitable economic impact on world trade and businesses. How can we protect ourselves effectively? We take a closer look at this ever-more closely monitored risk.

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    Germany: Corporate insolvencies on the rise

    According to the Federal Statistical Office, corporate insolvencies in Germany rose by 22.1% last year compared to the previous year. Despite this sharp increase, this is merely a normalization to pre-pandemic levels. With a total of 17,814 insolvencies, the figure for 2023 was still below the 2019 level, when 18,749 company bankruptcies were registered.

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    Credit Insurance v Self Insurance

    Self insurance simply means setting money aside in case of bad debt. Often, companies simply keep a sum in a separate bank account for emergencies only.

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    Credit Insurance v Bad Debt Protection

    Bad debt insurance offers just one kind of protection for your business: against customer insolvency and the resulting loss of income if a bill isn’t paid as a result.

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