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Die globale Automobilindustrie und verschärfte Vorschriften: ein sehr steiniger Weg in die Zukunft

The global automotive industry and enhanced regulations: a very steep path ahead

Die globale Automobilindustrie ist von immer strengeren Vorschriften betroffen, insbesondere zum Schutz der Umwelt. Sie befindet sich in einem Abschwung und ist gezwungen, sich neu zu erfinden.





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Moreover, regulations around the world are becoming more stringent as Europe and, in the United States, the State of California in particular; implement tougher norms, followed by regulation bodies in other big markets for the auto sector. Consequently, auto companies’ profitability will be impacted, as they will invest to deliver cars tailored to meet their consumers’ evolving needs, while complying with stricter rules regarding requirements to produce cars that generate lower gas emissions for example, which will increase their costs.

Finally, the car sector, while trying not to be outrun, will be reshaped by the entry of newcomers such as Google Waymo and Tesla alongside historical traditional actors, as well as a wave of mergers and acquisitions.











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