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Coface Country Risk Conference 2021

November 23th 2021

Coface Country Risk Conference in Switzerland
A premium event focusing on country and industry risks worldwide

Organised by Coface, this conference is an ideal platform for specialists and managers to examine and discuss country and industry risks. At our event, you’ll be at the centre of national and international expert discussions about economic and trade issues and also you will be able to hone your vision for the management of your company. Find out first-hand about the opportunities and risks of current economic events worldwide and share insights about the latest trends and developments with other senior managers.


In many countries, the Coface Country Risk Conference is one of the industry’s most important events.


By taking part, you will not only have the opportunity to optimise your export and investment decisions, but also to expand your knowledge in the areas of business, politics, society and the economy. We will analyse current events, examine the most important trends in the world economy and evaluate their influence on the economic situation facing Swiss companies. The challenge will be to establish the outlook for the Swiss industry in light of the current economic situation.


Please note: the official event language will be English.







«Crisis. What Crisis?»

2020 has been a year unlike any other, full of economic challenges and unforeseen obstacles, and Corona is not over yet in 2021. The Swiss economy managed to hold up surprisingly well despite massive disruptions. Were the government support measures that effective or does the unpleasant surprise come in the end? What is the impact of the Corona Pandemic on the economy and the health system?
At the upcoming conference, we want to look back as well as into the future. Therefore, we have invited the same speakers/experts as last year. They will elaborate on the following big questions in their presentations and in a panel discussion:

  • What is the impact of the Corona Pandemic on the economy and the health system?
  • Which predictions proved to be right and where did the experts get it wrong?
  • Are we in a world after Covid or will Covid be there for ever like the flue?
  • Is it true that the pandemic changed the workplace – is home office here to stay?
  • Will there be a «new normal» or will we go back to the «old normal»?


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