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Tuesday, 22 November 2022, Zürich

Coface Country Risk Conference in Switzerland

«Is it the perfect Storm?»

The world is facing one of the biggest crisis since World War II: the health crisis is not behind us, supply chains are broken, energy prices are skyrocketing, inflation is at its highest level in 40 years, there is a lack of professionals everywhere, international sanctions are rapidly evolving while autocrats are waging war on the West and its values. How to navigate through it?

This year's Country Risk Conference will provide you with the main keys to understanding the current crisis, which is causing many structural changes, to help you assess and mitigate your risks.


Please note that the official language will be English and the places are limited 



CRC 2022 Coface Switzerland  - location


The event will take place at:


Widder Hotel

Meeting in the Ballroom

Entrance : Augustinergasse 24,8001 Zürich



CRC 2022 speakers and moderator Coface Switzerland


The speakers and Moderator of our 2022 Conference will be :

  • Kaspar Loeb (Moderator), Senior Consultant, cR-Kommunikation
  • Christian Moins, Country Manager, Coface Switzerland
  • Christiane Von Berg, Head of Economic Research Northern Europe Region & Belgium, Coface
  • Barend Fruithof, Groupe CEO, Aebi Schmidt Group
  • Stefan Kaltenbach, Executive Board Member SCM / Procurement, Aebi Schmidt Group
  • Stefanie Walter, Prof. Dr., Professor for international relations and political economy at the Department of Political Science, University of Zurich
CRC coface Switzerland 2022 agenda


The event will start at 14:00 with a welcome speech and our experts will try to answer the following questions in their presentation and in the round table discussion :

  • What are the economic outlooks ?
  • How can companies and industries prepare for the uncertainties of the next few years ?
  • Major geopolitical themes will influence companies and their business. What are they ? 


As places are limited, we advise you to reserve your place as soon as possible by registering here:






Coface country risk Conference

A premium event focusing on country and industry risks worldwide

Organised by Coface, this conference is an ideal platform for specialists and managers to examine and discuss country and industry risks. At our event, you'll be at the center of national and international expert discussions about economic and trade issues and also you will be able to hone your vision for the management of your company. Find out first-hand about the opportunities and risks of current economic events worldwide and share insights about the latest trends and developments with other senior managers.


In many countries, the Coface Country Risk Conference is one of the industry's most important events.


By taking part, you will not only have the opportunity to optimize your export and investment decisions, but also to expand your knowledge in the areas of business, politics, society and the economy. We will analyze current events, examine the most important trends in the world economy and evaluate their influence on the economic situation facing Swiss companies. The challenge will be to establish the outlook for the Swiss industry in light of the current economic situation.


We organize them on an annual basis, always in English, but location may change.

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