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Coface sees chances for negotiations between Switzerland and the EU


The chances of a rapprochement in negotiations between Switzerland and the EU are growing again. This is what experts from the credit insurer and risk manager Coface say. Coface refers to the EEA and CETA agreement as potential models for the basis of a cooperation.

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Companies in China report shorter payment delays in 2022 and expect higher economic growth in 2023


Coface’ survey shows that fewer firms encountered payment delays in 2022. 40% of respondents reported overdue, down from 53% in 2021. The average payment delay was shortened from 86 to 83 days in 2022. More information here and in our publication.

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United Kingdom: Corporate insolvencies are going from zero to a hundred after end of government support measures


In 2022, around 23,400 companies went bankrupt in the United Kingdom, causing corporate insolvencies to reach its highest levels since the 2009 Global Financial Crisis “GFC”.

Read our analysis of this rapid rise in insolvencies.

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Five top economic trends you’ll want to watch in the US


Ruben Nizard, economist at Coface North America, has identified five major economic trends to watch in the United States.

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Reopening of China carries risks and opportunities - New podcast episode


Two experts from Coface reveal the risks and opportunities of China for businesses, in light of tumultuous current events.

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