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Coface is focusing on environmental and social responsibility

Coface has reiterated its commitment to environmental and social responsibility. This includes aspects such as business ethics and compliance as a basis but entails also employees’ development and engagement, the consideration of environmental concerns and the inclusion of ESG criteria at the core of the business.

In order to achieve ambitious goals, a CSR Committee was formed and CSR champions was nominated in the different regions of the world.


Emphasizing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Coface

Coface has again underlined the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during the European Weeks for Sustainable Development (September 18 to October 8). According to Emilie Bertholon, Group CSR manager, Coface is re-examining its roles as an insurer, as an employer and as a company in general in the context of CSR.


Commitments and Targets Towards Sustainability

For us at Coface, CSR includes notably defining a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the mobilization of capital for the energy transition. This commitment is translated into various actions, including the establishment of an exclusion policy, the assessment of the environmental sustainability of the debtors’ portfolio, and the management of Investments & risks taking into account ESG criteria.


Specific Goals and Initiatives

Specific goals have been developed for each area. By 2025, for example, the CO2 eq. emissions linked to the Coface investment portfolio should be reduced by 20 percent, while Coface intends to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2050. To achieve these goals, the group has formed a CSR Committee, comprising all members of the management board, among others. This committee will play a crucial role in monitoring and discussing the social, societal, and environmental ambitions of the company at every level of the organization. Additionally, initiatives focusing on gender equality, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, and enhanced mobility and mentoring programs are also prioritized within the CSR framework.