Business Information: 5 reasons for choosing iCON by Coface

Through iCON by Coface, access our Urba360 Business Intelligence tool and make the right credit decisions to guide your sales strategy and gain an edge over your competitors!

#1. Unique insights for all your needs


In today's digital age, access to the right and up-to-date information is essential. Our services offer a comprehensive suite of information sources based on unique data, and tailored to your needs, however specific.

Whether you're evaluating a potential business partner, tracking industry trends or researching market intelligence, we have the information you need. Urba360 gathers qualified data on 190 million companies in 195 countries, and integrates financial information (when available on the market).


#2. Fast decision-making is critical

In a world where decisions are made in seconds, Urba360 guarantees access to the latest updates and real-time data when available on the dedicated platform or via our API solutions.

If not, we draw on our global network of local experts to provide you with the information you need. With our services, you can make decisions with confidence, operating with the most up-to-date information.


#3. Constant monitoring

The world is not static, the economic situation is constantly evolving and so the risks. That's why we constantly track information that is crucial for your company.

Our team is dedicated to keeping you informed so you can adapt to new challenges and opportunities. 


#4. Understanding data …and leveraging its power!

Coface's Business Information experts around the world go beyond raw data: they identify and analyze the subtleties of the markets you're interested in and deep-dive on company's you might be interested in making business with. Their work in acquiring, selecting and analysing data gives you a complete understanding of the meaning and levers for exploiting this information.

Enriched by 700 risk management experts located around the world, our Business Information reveals its full power through the use of new data science technologies. Access descriptive, predictive and prescriptive information within Urba360 and gain valuable insights to effectively manage your trade credit risk and seize new opportunities.


#5. A trusted partner that will minimise your risks

Coface protects 50.000 companies worldwide against the risk of non-payment which represents 10.000 underwriting decisions per day. Coface therefore evaluates the risk as accurately as possible, relying on its expertise, international network and the work of its Business Information experts.

With Urba360, Coface is not just a data provider, but your trusted partner for navigating the complex B2B information landscape.


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