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Broker Portal, die neue digitale Schnittstelle von Coface für ihre Broker

Coface launches its Broker Portal, a digital tool for its brokers

Coface lanciert sein neues Portal für Broker und bietet seinen Partnern eine neue Erfahrung bei der Entwicklung ihrer Geschäfte auf der ganzen Welt.

Das Broker Portal ist in 42 der von der Coface-Gruppe abgedeckten Länder verfügbar und bietet eine digitale Plattform für die Broker der Coface. Modern und intuitiv, ermöglicht das Portal den Brokern das Management ihrer Geschäfte zu optimieren. Das Portal wurde von Coface mit dem Ziel entwickelt, den Brokern einen hohen Servicegrad und optimale Zufriedenheit zu bieten.


Die Coface Schweiz ist dabei

Auch in der Schweiz wird dieser neue Service verfügbar sein. Ab Januar 2020 werden unsere Broker, nach einer individuellen Einführung, dieses neue Tool nutzen und erste Erfahrungen sammeln können.

Better customer portfolio management

The Broker Portal is a single, central entry point for information from the Coface ecosystem that can be accessed non-stop via most devices (computer, phone, etc.). Thanks to the portal, brokers now have a better overview of, and more knowledge about their clients. This facilitates their business management and the day-to-day performance in terms of customer portfolio management, while also providing them with more support from Coface's teams.

Data quality for customers

With Broker Portal, brokers now have access to high value-added data, thanks to extensive work on Coface's data quality. The development of the new portal has considerably enhanced the data held by Coface on more than 50,000 customers worldwide, while also making it more reliable. This means that a broker who has negotiated a global program will be able to access all the information in his portfolio in nearly 100 countries around the world. This is a first in the credit insurance sector! "This tool will have a positive effect on retention rates; we will serve our customers faster and more proactively," confirms Tolga Aktolga, Head of TCI Sigorta Brokerligi, partner of AU Group in Turkey.

Developed with brokers, for brokers

Co-developed with and for the group's partners worldwide, the Broker Portal perfectly illustrates the privileged relationship that Coface maintains with brokers. A group of beta testers tested the tool during its development in order to gauge the use of the portal, and identify the potential evolutions that would meet their needs. "The ease of use and ergonomics of the Broker Portal have enabled us to quickly make it our own," explains Louis Bollaert, Head of Trade Credit, Political Risk, Surety and M&A at Aon France.

Symbol of Coface's transformation

"The launch of Broker Portal is proof of our commitment to providing a high level of service to brokers, our main partners and key ambassadors of the Coface brand," comments Xavier Durand, Coface's Chief Executive Officer. "This venture, implemented with agile project management by our employees and international partners, is an example of Coface's ongoing transformation.


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