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Prevent your non-payment risks with Business Information


  • Extensive up-to-date information
  • Straightforward information that is ready to use
  • Multiple service options
  • Among the best geographical coverage in the world
Non-payment risk prevention begins with gathering relevant and up-to-date information on buyers and their environment. The analysis of this information helps with decision-making.

Our business information services provides recommendations on risk-taking.
In the context of risk management, we rely on a powerful global business information gathering and analysis network, who feed our databases in real time.
The information gathered and analysed is reproduced in several forms: reports, a summary indicator of single and global risk levels and various risk-taking recommendation tools. With our credit risk assessment services, you can manage your sales development efforts optimally.

Business information at Coface Switzerland

Business information at Coface Switzerland

Two options are possible:


Monitored @rating Credit Opinion Up to a credit amount of CHF 150,000, you will receive the amount that Coface would cover as a credit insurer and the Debtor Risk Assessment (DRA) ratio. This information is immediately available via the online tool (Cofanet) and automatic warnings are issued in case of changes.



Monitored Customised Credit Opinion Similar to the first variant for credit amounts over CHF 150,000 and if the information stored in the system is not sufficient, a manual check including updating of the stored data can be requested.



Business reports Can be purchased for both solutions.

COFANET: Your online access

COFANET: Your online access

Optimise your customer risk and administrate it online on our secure platform.
Created to facilitate the management of the customer portfolio, it allows a fast access to information and credit limits as well to other functionalities.


Its user-friendly handling and the different possible features make out of it a practically and efficient tool.


Cofanet allows you to:

•  Verify the reliability of a prospect before committing to a commercial relationship

•  Order information reports on companies

•  Guarantee your transactions and manage your customer risk

•  Diagnose the risk distribution profile of your portfolio

•  Declare your overdue accounts

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