Über Coface

Mit der Welt verbunden

Unsere Kultur zeugt von einer grossen Offenheit, einer Verbindung zur Welt und ihrer Entwicklung.

Bei Coface können Sie sich in einem multikulturellen Umfeld weiterentwickeln, indem Sie im Rhythmus der globalen Wirtschaft arbeiten.
Unsere Teams kommen aus der ganzen Welt zusammen, um ihr Wissen zu bündeln. So können wir den jeweiligen Markt verstehen und die Probleme unserer Kunden lösen.

Die internationale Dimension ist eine tägliche Realität

  • Um unsere Kunden auf der ganzen Welt besser betreuen zu können, werden Sie eng mit Ihren Kollegen und Kolleginnen im Ausland zusammenarbeiten.

  • Sie werden Teil von Projektteams sein, die sich über mehrere Länder erstrecken.

  • Sie werden immer mit Kolleginnen und Kollegen verschiedener Nationalitäten zusammenarbeiten und können sich für Mobilitätsmöglichkeiten im Ausland bewerben - sogar zu Beginn Ihrer Karriere bei Coface!


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Was unsere Mitarbeiter sagen

Coface Japanese Solutions is a unit specialised in supporting the growth of Japanese multinationals, both in their domestic and foreign markets, by offering them credit insurance tailored to their needs. 

We have bilingual teams in Tokyo, Osaka, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York, enabling us to serve our clients in their local language. As a team, despite the geographical distance, we work closely together, ensuring that we all share up-to-date information on our clients' latest needs.


It is really exciting to work in this team and to see the business with Japanese multinationals develop and expand from one region to another.


Yasuyo A. H., Key Account Manager - Coface Japan and Coface Japanese Solutions

Danny V.

I came to Coface because of its international presence: since my studies, I have always wanted to have experiences abroad - China, Hong Kong, Japan, England...

Last year, I applied for an internal talent programme and was selected for a one-year assignment at the Group's headquarters in Paris, working on various projects in collaboration with other departments and many countries.
I most enjoyed the challenge of embarking on a new adventure: a multicultural environment, the shift from a local to a global mindset and the opportunity to build my confidence and develop my skills with the support of my mentor. 

And excitingly, I was offered the opportunity to join the Senior Risk Underwriting team in Paris on a permanent basis at the end of my assignment!


Danny V., Risk Underwriter, usually based in the Netherlands, currently on assignment in France


At Coface, I work daily with friends and colleagues from many different backgrounds. I enjoy the opportunity to learn about different cultures and perspectives without even leaving my desk.

In such an environment, I can constantly evolve by discovering and challenging my prejudices and improving my ability to listen and communicate effectively.

Our diversity fosters creativity and improves the company's results. It makes Coface a great place to work and a team I am proud to be part of.



Yuliia N., Key Account Manager - Coface Global Solutions, Dubai

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