Taking stock of global metal sector trends and outlook


The most-widely traded base and ferrous metals have benefitted from a bull market since mid-2016 (...)

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Turkey Payment Survey 2018: Payment terms expand amid positive economic expectations


This is the first corporate payment survey in Turkey aiming at indicating how payment terms stand in different sectors, how companies manage credit management practices and evaluate future payment experience (...)

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Political Risk in Latin America: Back to the future?


Latin America has experienced a diffi cult period since 2014. The slump in commodity prices has impacted activity via several channels (...)

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Western Balkans and the European Union: political ties lagging behind economic ones


Despite regional conflicts, the 2007-08 financial crisis, and the 2009-11 eurozone crisis, Western Balkans countries have developed a close economic proximity with the European Union via a number of regional and bilateral agreements. However, due to institutional, economic, and diplomatic obstacles, accession to the EU will be a long process. At the same time, due to the region’s strategic importance and with the reinforcement of membership conditions, accession (or a pre-accession status) is likely to happen – especially as membership would divert the region from other
interested parties (Russia, China).

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Currency Risk in Africa: easing in 2018, but reserves have melted


The exchange rate risk is still relevant on the African continent, as evidenced by the depreciation of the Angolan kwanza by more than 30% since the partial liberalisation of the exchange rate regime in January 2018.

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The new Mediterranean trade routes


Integration is slowly declining in the mediterranean. Nevertheless, new trade routes have opened.

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