Numerous challenges for companies in CEE result in an increased number of insolvencies


Corporate insolvencies in Central & Eastern Europe increased in 2022 due to high prices when it comes to energy, inputs, series of prompt interest rate hikes, the highest inflation in decades and the uncertainty related to the war in Ukraine.
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Coface x Rel8ed: “Nowadays, Data Science is a key component of Risk Management”


Recently acquired by Coface, Rel8ed is a specialized data analytics boutique which develops innovative solutions leveraging Big Data and AI. How can our trade credit insurance and Business Information clients benefit from the pooling of expertise? Bob Lytle, General Manager and founder of Rel8ed, shares more here.

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A further tightening of the oil market


In early April, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Algeria and Oman announced combined oil output cuts of more than 1.1 million barrels per day (b/d), surprising the markets. This commitment follows a first production cut announced in October 2022 by OPEC+. It comes in addition of Russia's decision to cut output by around 500,000 b/d in reaction to the implementation of a EU ban on seaborne imports of Russian oil and oil products.
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The agreement on cereal shipments in the Black Sea will not be enough to solve all the challenges of the agri-sector in 2023


Although the agreement concerning the cereals transit in the Black sea has contributed to ease the pressure on cereals supply, its effects are limited and grey areas on the food security of many countries persist.

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